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HERBAL-Spiced Rooibos Tea

  • $3.00

A synergy between cinnamon and ginger with sweet rooibos and orange flower petals. Sure to please every palate!

 Available in 60g or 120g Decorative Tin, 250g Resealable Bag or 10g Sample Size

 Ingredients Rooibos, cinnamon and ginger pieces, orange flower petals, natural flavors
Origin South Africa, Thailand
Antioxidant Level High
Caffeine Level None



Laura I. said: Best tea ever!

I was never a fan of rooibos tea until I found this one. The spiciness plus the flavor of the tea itself is such a great combo; I drink it all day! Highly recommended!

Diane G. said: 

I really love this tea the taste is just awesome. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great very enjoyable tea.

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