Silicone Magic Cup Cap Huge Variety of Styles

  • $14.99

Silicone Magic Cup Cap can seal your cup or mug from unwanted spills.  Great for outdoor parties too!  No more unwanted visitors in your drink.  

The cup cap is made of food grade silicone which has a wide range of temperature tolerance from -50 to 230 degrees F.  

Huge variety of styles available...hard to pick just one!  Mouse & Cheese, Moo Moo, Fairy Cake, Strawberry Cream, Cherry Jello, Pink Kati, Blue Kati, Strawberry Cake, Pink Rose, Bear, Owl, Honey Bee, Dolphin, Bird, Ladybug, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Turtle, Penguin, Polar Bear, Crab, Mermaid, Flamingo, Monkey, Cactus, Hula Girl, Pineapple and Palm Tree.

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