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PU'ER TEA-Organic Ancient Phoenix Pu'er

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This fermented Pu'er has a truly unique, rich espresso and mushroom unsweetened chocolaty flavor and smell. The liquor is a rich earth brown that looks like espresso. The leaves are short, twisted with light and dark brown swirls.

This Award Winning Pu'er won the Gold Medal at the 2011 Yunnan Government Pu'er Competition in both categories of Best Fermented and Raw Pu'ers. It is hand-picked by the Yi tribe of Yunnan. The tea leaves are from ancient, certified organic tea trees on a sustainable tea plantation on Wuliang Mountain.

How to Prepare

1 tsp/cup boiling water (100C) for 1-2 min. May be re-steeped 2 to 3 times.


 Ingredients Pu'er Tea
Origin Yunnan Province, China
Antioxidant Level High
Caffeine Level Medium



Djamel R said: Excellent

Tea lovers this is one of the best black tea you could taste


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