Old Chicago No. 42 Dark Roast Coffee by Old Chicago Coffee Co

  • $14.40

Our Chicago Style Dark Roast Coffee offers a wonderful scent, an aroma that is just fantastic, especially when you wake up to it! This coffee flavor is bold, a bit heavy, and some may consider it as having a strong taste, but it's smooth, silky and very satisfying.

If you've had dark roast coffee before and didn't really care for it much, we encourage you to try ours. Roasted Chicago Style from beans imported from the Costa Rican coffee valley of Tarrazu it's not the same in any way. Many traditional 'medium roast' coffee lovers have made the switch. As always, there's nothing else like it. Be daring, be bold, go strong. Try it. This coffee comes from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica in Central America.   Old Chicago Coffee Co
Package: 10.3 oz.

Choose your perfect grind or whole bean.  Package: 10.3 oz

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