Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Single Origin by RoZark Hills

  • $65.99

RoZark Hills Coffee Roasterie is family owned “Roast to Order” coffee company located in Rose Bud, Arkansas.  With over 30 years experience in roasting specialty gourmet coffee each cup truly represents the artistic passion of flavor and enticing aroma.  Roast to order coffee is just like it says...your coffee is not sitting in a warehouse it's roasted in small batches to bring out the various nuances of acidity, taste and flavor.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of the Arabica tree and wild coffee cherries are still harvested by tribes people in its mountains. The most famous of these coffees is Yirgacheffe, which has a pleasant fruity acidity and elegant body.

Our process:  Orders received on or by Monday will be shipped on Friday.  EXAMPLE:  Place order on Wednesday will be shipped the following week on Friday.

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