Dota "Blackened Roast" Dark Roast Coffee by Old Chicago Coffee Co

  • $15.70

"Blackened Roast" coffee made up of 100% Dota coffee beans from the renowned growing region of Costa Rica. This dark roasted coffee offers unique taste and aroma, with gentle aftertaste.

Well known throughout the world by coffee lovers everywhere, this Dota coffee features an intense flavor with perfectly mixed aroma that features floral accents and dark chocolate along with gentle hints of berry and cherry fields. The combinations of flavor is what makes it even more popular with its rich taste featuring cinnamon raisin and cardamom, gently dried apricots and black tea plus mild blackcurrant. The acidity is complex with noticeable green apple and burgundy wine, plus gentle orange and lime. The finish is elegant, long and fruity.  Old Chicago Coffee Co.

Choose your perfect grind or whole bean.

Package: 10 oz.

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