Creamed Honey in Special Flavors

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We will not be able to fulfill orders at this time due to the lose of hives.  We are looking into other local honey producers who provide the excellent quality we have received so please give us time we are in the process of testing to ensure our standards are met.  Thanks for your patience

From an award winning apiary as well as Veteran owned company in Scott, Arkansas.  Lake in the Willows Apiary produces wildflower raw honey and has taken it to the next level with their creamed honey.

Creamed honey is whipped from a crystalized state then natural/organic spices and flavoring added for the special "awesomeness" in a jar.  All of these special flavors are great in coffee, tea or a spoon.  Just give me a spoon!

Flavors Available:

Natural, Cinnamon, Lemon, Lemon Ginger, Matcha Green Tea, and Jalapeno 

Seasonal Flavors - Pumpkin Spice (Sept-Oct Only) Chocolate (Sept-Dec Only)

Special Order - Natural Pecan and Cinnamon Pecan (10-14 day processing time) and only available in 4 oz jar. 10 oz and 16 oz jars considered special order.


Shipping Disclaimer- Creamed honey has to be stored away from sun and heat and kept at 45-75 Degree Temperature.  Due to this constraint shipping in hot weather will melt the consistency so shipping during this time will not be guaranteed to arrive in a creamed state.  It is still edible.  I will ship in a cold pack during the warm weather months.