Costa Rica Tarrazu Single Origin by RoZark Hills

  • $15.49

Our roster has over 30 years of experience in roasting specialty gourmet coffee. Each cup truly represents the artistic passion of flavor and enticing aroma.  Roast to order coffee is just like it says... it's roasted in small batches to bring out the various nuances of acidity, taste, and flavor.

Costa Rica has excellent coffee growing conditions and certainly produces some of the best coffee in the world.  Light body, bright citrus acidity. Like many coffees from Costa Rica, this coffee is flavorful, richly aromatic, and has a bright acidity.  Costa Rican coffee beans make an intensely aromatic cup of coffee that is refreshing, bright, and vibrant.

Our process:  Orders received on or by Monday will be shipped on Friday.  EXAMPLE:  Place the order on Wednesday will be shipped the following week on Friday.

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