"Early Bird" Gourmet Coffee Collection by La Crema Coffee Company

  • $2.99

La Crema Coffee Company is a small batch gourmet coffee roaster based in Hamilton, OH.  We use 100% Colombian beans for our flavored coffee, virtually unheard of in the coffee industry, which means our flavored coffee is always medium roasted, low acidity and subtle yet smooth.

The Early Bird Coffee Collection is a mixture of Single Origin, Blends and our #1 Bestselling flavored coffee.  We do hope your will get an eye-opening experience.

Gourmet Coffee Flavors available:  

Flavors, Origins, and Blends WE’RE PROUD OF OUR PRODUCTS FRESH.DELICIOUS.DECADENT All of our coffee is allergen free and gluten free. It contains zero calories! La Crema coffee is flavored with natural and artificial flavorings using 100% Colombian beans. We...

  • Early Bird Blend - A Five Bean Blend
  • Groggy Morning Grogg - Butterscotch, Caramel & Vanilla
  • Night Owl Decaf - A Mellow Bodied, Low Acidity Colombian
  • One Eye Open - Dark Roast Colombian
  • Wide Eyed Ethiopian - Single Origin Ethiopian
  • Sleepy Head Hazelnut - Smooth Hazelnut

Available in the following sizes and gift packages:

  • Perfect Pot - 1.5 oz (brews 8-10 cups)
  • Early Bird Perfect Pot "Perfect Gift Set" - 48 Perfect Pot 1.5 oz in basket
  • 8 oz Bag
  • 12 oz Bag
  • Coffee Scoop- Hand-beaded Coffee Scoop (colors vary according to coffee collection)
Natural and artificial flavoring.
            PLEASE ALLOW 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO SHIP...Promise you it's FRESH!!

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