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Posted by Gisela Haynie on

As of today 1/21/19 I was able to lower my shipping charges...woohoo!  I can't tell you how ill I felt when I had to increase the shipping cost.  I appreciate those who sent feedback regarding this issue but at the time I couldn't justify not increasing.  I will continue to negotiate for better pricing on shipping and all of my products.  Thankfully it is a little more reasonable. 

Best wishes to all of you and take care!  AND as always please let your family and friends know about All About Coffee N Tea.


It's unfortunate that I have to do this but shipping charges have increased.  As of today I've increased my shipping charges.  I prefer to increase to the actual shipping charge instead of inflating the retail price.  I see this everywhere but I prefer to maintain the integrity of my web store.  I will continue to provide excellent customer service, unique and quality products...it will just cost a little more to ship!

Thank you all!  AND I greatly appreciate your business...you are the best!

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