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I can't tell you when I started drinking coffee but I do know I've always had to have it...bottomline to function in the morning.  Yes!  I'm one of those sayings "Don't speak to me until I've had my first FULL cup"  Not until recently did I discover small roasting companies "roast to order" who offer their own perspective on flavor profiles of each bean's origin.  I will not bore you with descriptions and flavor profiles but there is one thing I've learned I don't have one favorite.

Searching, tasting and decisions on which coffee companies I want for my website started as an adventure then fell quickly to overwhelming.  There are hundreds of small roasting companies so I knew I needed to base my decision on flavor quality, customer service, and consistency.  The companies I've chosen fit all three categories and I've been very particular in my decision process.  Trust me there were some I quickly threw in the trash.

We are not the same and that's a good thing.  I prefer cooking over take-out and vegetables from the garden or farmer's market over grocery stores.  When it comes to good cup of coffee I know what I like and it's not "muddy or wood bark like" taste.  I don't have one favorite and trying different coffees has been fun and enjoyable.  Offering the sample or "perfect pot" size, you can try several different options and be adventurous in your selection.  You will never know just like I've found a Columbian Coffee is good but a great cup to me is the Sidamo from Ethiopia and Sumatra and Bolivia and well several others.  So rest assured, I will be your quality control expert!

Enjoy my blog please share it with family and friends.  I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo and of course share my website.  I greatly appreciate suggestions and comments too so send me an email at  

Disclaimer-This blog is about my thoughts on my passion and discovering unique and exciting coffees and teas.  Be kind, grateful and believe anything is possible because we can!

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