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My reasons for the title and introduction to All About Coffee N Tea is about choices.  I wanted to create a web store based upon experiences, a way of life, passion with an option of uniqueness.  This idea started from frustration of not being able to find a French Press...yes a French Press.  I didn't want the typical metal and glass however if you have never tried a press this is a good starter.  My introduction to the press was many years ago from a country music singer/songwriter.  I didn't know there is a difference in the flavor.  I was impressed!  After several years of owning a press with life changes and the thing broke I was back to the automated coffee maker.  The single pod kind which is great but the plastic pods where piling up!  I'm all about reusing and repurpose but after 999 of them something has got to give.  With the option to use my own coffee, compliments of the reusable pod, I'm trying different blends and origins.  Then I have to purchase another single pod maker and this is where the bad stuff starts but one thing I've learned with every cloud there is a choice.

As I am researching coffee and tea I realize there is a lot I don't know.  Such as the history, brewing methods and the origin of each bean and leave with it's own characters of the role it plays in each mug and cup.  I do know the things I like and I'm willing to try something new.  As we all grow to a more conscious living we want to know more about the things we put in our bodies.  My goal is provide you with multiple possibilities about your favorite beverage, mine happens to be both coffee and tea.  

I do hope you find my store different and enlightening.  I continue in my research to find quality beans and leaves as well as unique makers, cool tools and versatile accessories to show our unique qualities.  Because my passion is All About Coffee N Tea.

I want to hear from you!  Send me an email at  I welcome new product suggestions!

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